Leviathan Axe Replica

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  • Overall Length: 40 inches.
  • Blade Length: 13 inches.
  • Blade Cutting Surface: 11.0 inches.
  • Hight: 13 inches.
  • Handle Material: Wood.
  • Blade Material: High carbon steel.


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Introducing the Ultimate Leviathan Axe Replica: Unleash the Power of Legends!

Are you ready to wield the iconic weapon that shattered realms and captivated hearts? Look no further – our meticulously crafted Leviathan Axe Replica is a true masterpiece that brings the mythical power of the Norse gods right into your hands!

Handcrafted Excellence:

Meticulously designed with unparalleled attention to detail, our Leviathan Axe Replica is a labor of love for fans and collectors alike. Every curve, every etching, and every flourish has been replicated to perfection, ensuring an awe-inspiring resemblance to the real thing.

Immersive Realism:

Hold the essence of the Nine Realms in your grasp. The Leviathan Axe Replica is built from high-quality materials that replicate the weight and feel of the original weapon. With its weathered appearance and battle-worn textures, this axe looks as though it’s seen its fair share of epic battles.

True-To-Life Sound Effects:

Prepare to be amazed as you swing the Leviathan Axe Replica through the air. Immerse yourself in the battle as the axe produces authentic, resonating sound effects that mirror the thunderous claps heard in the realms of God of War.

Collector’s Showcase:

This replica isn’t just an axe – it’s a piece of art! Proudly display your Leviathan Axe Replica on the included custom stand, which showcases every intricate detail for all to admire. It’s the perfect addition to your gaming den, office, or anywhere you want to showcase your passion for epic adventures.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior:

Whether you’re cosplaying as Kratos, a God of War enthusiast, or simply a lover of remarkable craftsmanship, the Leviathan Axe Replica is your gateway to unlocking a new level of legendary power. Hold the axe that turned the tides of fate and feel the surge of energy that only true heroes can command.

Limited Availability:

This is your chance to own a piece of gaming history. Our Leviathan Axe Replica is produced in limited quantities to ensure its authenticity and collectible value. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to secure this masterpiece before it’s gone for good!

The time has come to embrace the might of the gods. Are you prepared to wield the power that changed the course of legends? Order your Leviathan Axe Replica today and embark on a journey of epic proportions!

Does Leviathan Axe exist?

Yes, the Leviathan Axe does exist, but in a fictional context. The Leviathan Axe is a weapon featured in the popular video game series “God of War,” developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The axe serves as the primary weapon for the main character, Kratos, in the game’s reboot released in 2018.

What is the Leviathan Axe based on?

The Leviathan Axe from the “God of War” video game series draws inspiration from various mythological sources and fictional elements. While it’s a unique creation for the game, it incorporates elements from Norse mythology, blending them with the game’s original lore.

How much does Leviathan Axe cost?

The Leviathan Axe Replica costs $165. Buy now from one of the best hand forged axe shops.
  • Overall Length: 40 inches.
  • Blade Length: 13 inches.
  • Blade Cutting Surface: 11.0 inches.
  • Height: 13 inches.
  • Handle Material: Wood.
  • Blade Material: High carbon steel.

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