Damascus Chef Knife Damascus Kitchen Knives set Chef set handmade Damascus chef set

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Damascus Chef Set

Cleaver = 6.5 inches Approx.

Chef = 8 inches Approx.

Carver = 8 inches Approx.

Chef = 6 inches Approx.

Pairing = 4 inches Approx.

Handel material = Wood



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All our Damascus is genuine and not simply a corrosive engraving . DAMASCUS is a combination of 1095 and 15n20. You heat them up together and afterward crease the bar again and again to get the ideal layers ,our own are 170+ . At that point you copy the cutting edge in corrosive and it turns the nickel stain tone and high carbon becomes blackish dim . All Damascus is corrosive carved to show the layers .


The blade edge ought to consistently be perfect and be treated with oil or wax after each utilization . Never store the blade for quite a while in cowhide sheath . Calfskin can retain dampness and may bring about rusting the blade. Also, check out our best handmade Damascus steel knives to make the best decision. If you are looking for the Best hand forged knives to buy then the knife store is all about custom knives.


The blades are sharp and may cause injury if not taking care of appropriately . we won’t be at risk to any wounds brought about by ill-advised dealing with or abuse of our item.

Please, take into account that the product is handmade,
and the one you will get wont be exactly the same as on the photo.

Feel free to ask questions!

Instructions :

1:Keep Knives clean and dry to prevent contamination & Rust..
2:Lubricate the Knives with any Mineral oil after each use.
3:Knives are not dishwasher safe, Hand wash only.
4: Do not scrub with steel wool / abrasive cleaning sponge.
5: Do not keep in Leather sheath for long periods….!!

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